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Image Credit:   Walker Boyes

Image Credit:  Walker Boyes


No two families look the same. We share our lives to show that no matter what your family looks like, it's worth celebrating. 

Devon was a newly divorced single dad when he and Rob met online. After a swipe right and several months of long-distance dating, they began their lives together in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rob has been an excellent second dad to Devon's two boys, and they love spending their time together traveling, going on weekend outings, and sharing their lives with others in the hope that they will inspire people to embrace families and relationships in all their forms. 

In addition to being dads, Devon is a landscape designer, and Rob is an actor, filmmaker, and social media ninja for a tech company.  The couple also volunteers for Utah-based LGBT organizations doing youth mentoring and advocacy.

Join in on the DadsNotDaddies community and expect twice the dad jokes. You'll find plenty of lighthearted moments along with discussions on parenting, relationships, and philosophy. Lifestyle photos about  travel, fashion, and food are shared in a casual no-fuss manner as these two dads do their best to keep it real.