What happens when an avid indoorsman (willingly) goes outside?

by Rob Zimmerman

I know what you’re thinking. Glamping is the gayest thing you’ve ever heard of. Additionally, packing “cute” clothes for a camping trip just to have your favorite linen shirt tainted with the acrid smell of campfire musk for weeks is not high on your priority list.

We wanted the opportunity to take some cute family photos, and a friend and photographer whose work we LOVE happened to live close to where we would be spending our weekend. We packed out bags and picked out a few outfits and hit the road.

For any of you who stress about camping (or glamping) with kids—don’t. Being out in the wilderness gives kids endless opportunities to explore. The boys had so many new things to see and paths to follow and hills to climb that they hardly even thought to ask to play a game on one of our smartphones.

Just hear me out. I (Rob) am decidedly “indoorsy.” Having grown up going on countless scout trips and father-son campouts, maybe I associate camping with feelings of insecurity and inferiority surrounding what I perceived as “masculinity.” Maybe I am just a spoiled millennial who likes hot showers and pillow-top king mattresses too much. Regardless, this trip was the best middle ground for me and Devon. Devon LOVES camping. IDK why. So we found this place that gave me my showers and king mattress AND campfires (which a “campfire valet” came to light for us) and wilderness.


If any of you locals are craving the great outdoors but (like me) also crave maintaining a reasonable daily grooming routine, check this place out. If any of you non-locals are craving the same thing, try searching for “glampgrounds” or “glamping resorts” near you. Alternatively, Airbnb and VRBO have TONS of vacation homes, cabins, tree houses, converted school buses, and endless other options where you can have your wilderness cake and eat it too (with reasonably clean hands you washed with running water in a bathroom).